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Tuesday, March 20: Office hours will end at 11:00am

I need to proctor some exams...

Grade estimator should work now

Class-wide Emails

These are emails that I sent to all members of the class. Please review them to be sure you've received all the information you need:

2018-01-24 Pre-submission review of homework
2018-02-04 P01 Hello World
2018-02-17 Play the Digital Dash for Extra Credit!
QR code attachment
2018-02-28 WHILE loops - don't use Flag Variables
2018-03-02 Exam 3 Study Issues

Questions and Answers


What is EGR115?

Being successful in EGR115

Grade estimator

Assignment changes and interpretations

When / how to use the submission's re-grade checkbox

Programming & Submission Guidelines

Excessive Collaboration perspectives

A few examples of Excessive Collaboration

How much help can we get for our projects?

Taboos - these techniques are forbidden!

Standard Problem Solving Format

Simplified Standard Problem Solving Format

What are flag variables?

If is not working, there's

Use only CSV files, not XLS files



Octave as a temporary MATLAB replacement

Using P-code [P-code does not run in Octave]

Rapid Table Construction


Differences between Canvas and

Canvas Notifications


Enable Windows file name extensions

How to make ZIP files - combining multiple files into one for submission

FoxIt PDF reader for Windows

getcsv() / putcsv(): Alternatives to xlsread() and xlswrite()


Make Safari work with Citrix

Making a ZIP file on the Mac

FoxIt PDF reader for Mac

getcsv() / putcsv(): Alternatives to xlsread() and xlswrite()

Getting ASCII text in TextEdit

Outlook & Network

How to use Network File Access to move files from P: to C:

Getting the P: drive back

How to make a whitelist for your Outlook Web App email

How to forward your ERAU email


What is Open Document and what are those other file formats?

What's involved in the CS minor?

Academic integrity video

News Items

You think you work better at night

But there's a hidden cost

Friends aren't always good to have around

The brain needs down-time

One minute to pack your stuff

Somebody has to program those robots, you know

Humpback whales improve turbines

But how do they get up there?

Metal 3D printing

Finally looking promising

Whole new meaning to "microcomputer"

Small? Arduino eat your heart out!

Is getting an engineering degree worth it?


This is some nasty stuff

But Hey! - we all gotta do something

Father & son launch spacecraft

And they got it back!

MIT Students Photograph Space for $150

eBay is your friend...

Fascinating look at how Google works

The comparison demonstrates the power, even intelligence, of Google's algorithm, honed over countless iterations.